WEB-UL003 100W 20V 5A USB Aging Discharge Tester

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Multi-interface input
Automatic temperature control fan
Coarse adjustment, fine adjustment double adjustment knob
Expandable USB tail plug
Built-in buck-boost fan drive, internal / external power supply optional
Parallel power expansion
External deceptor
The bottom of the load is a flat design. Users can replace the 1155 fan with direct power. The user with low power can also replace a thin ner 1U 1155 server fan.

UL003 adjustable resistance load parameters:
Input voltage: DC 5~20V
Input current: 5A
Peak maximum power: 100W, recommended standard power is 65W
Note: When the power is 100W, the heat will be more severe. For long-term 100W users, it is recommended to replace the more violent 1155 radiator and fan.
1. 1155 fan tapping, you can change any 1155 fan yourself, support the violent 1155 fan with base (12V)
2. Lightning input supports iPhone7 and below data lines, iPhone8, X does not support
3. The current of MicroUSB and Lightning interface should not exceed 2.5A.
Fan jumper description:
ON: The fan is always forced to start, suitable for measuring high-power equipment
AUTO: The fan automatically controls the temperature. After the temperature exceeds a certain level, the fan is automatically started.
OFF: Manually forcibly turn off the fan, the fan never starts, suitable for measuring small power devices, mute
Fan external power supply instructions:
The standard 1155 fan has a working voltage of 12V and an operating current of 0.6A. It can be seen that the power is not small, there is 7.2W. If the UL003 load is used to measure the 5V output charging head, once the fan is started, the operating current is 7.2W/5V=1.44A with a 5V supply voltage. This means that once the fan is started, the current of the fan itself will be around 1.4A, which will affect the measurement results. If the 5V power supply and the fan start at this time, then the current greater than 1.44A is measured as the power tube current of the load itself. Simply speaking, when the 5V power supply is used, the fan is started, and the load is adjusted above 1.44A to have a constant current effect.
Then the question is coming: What should I do when I want to measure a small current? There are many ways:
1. The fan is set to AUTO automatic (factory default), then the PCB temperature is not high at low current, the fan does not start, does not affect the small current measurement
2. The fan is forced to OFF and never turns on. This mode can be measured in a short time with little power and the heat sink is not very hot.
3. Use an external power supply to power the fan
External power requirements:
5~20V, pay attention to whether the external power supply is enough! (5.5x2.1 DC interface, inside + and outside -)
For example, if your power supply is only 5V, you need to supply about 1.5A.
If your power supply has 12V, you need to provide about 600mA current.
If your power supply has 24V, you need to provide about 400mA current.
Friendly Tip: If you use a lure line, which can be externally powered with low cost QC9V or 12V charger or charging power bank.
The external power supply of the fan is powered by 5~24V. The system will automatically switch to 12V to supply power to the fan by using the buck-boost circuit. Therefore, users who replace the fan by themselves should use the 12V DC cooling fan of the 1155 interface.
Package includes:
1 x Tester

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