Smart Car Q6C Alarm System Push Button & Remote Start Engine Auto Lock & Unlock

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1. Q6C intelligent one key to start the system, using smart chips, can provide a key to start / flameout, convenient and simple.
2. PKE keyless entry, automatic sensor switch lock function, near the car 2 meters, the automatic sensor unlock.
3. There is a remote start / flameout, countdown ten minutes off function.
4. Summer cool car, winter warm car, no longer bear the car when the uncomfortable.
5. With the identity function, the remote control is not able to start normally.

Fit For: 12V battery car, van, pickup truck, SUV, etc., general purpose products
Operating Voltage: 12V±3V
Quiescent Current: Less than 10mA
Working Frequency: 433MHz

Key Operation:
1. Do not press the brake, short press to open the ACC sound, then press the "on" dashboard, the indicator light flashes,
then short press off, you can cycle operation.
2. Brakes, short press, the system ignition start, light long light.
3. When the flame is turned on, the brakes are short pressed and the system is turned off.
4. Step on or not brakes, long press, the system can let go after the ignition, light long light.

Package Included:
1 X Host
2 X Remote Control Handle
1 X Start Button
2 X Sensing Antenna
1 X Start Harness
1 X Detection Harness
1 X Restore Button
1 X Manual

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