Security Gadgets

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10 Meter Smartphone Endoscope

10 Meter Smartphone Endoscope lets you view the tightest to reach locations on your smartphone or tablet PC
$56 AUD

10M Wireless Endoscope

10 Meter WiFi endoscope with built-in 600mAh battery allows you to reach places where normal cameras dont fit. IP67 waterproof can be used in any environment.
$59 AUD

1M Wireless Endoscope

HD 720P Wireless Endoscope with 8 LED lights lets you see and work where the eye cant reach.
$47 AUD

3M Wireless Endoscope

HD 720P Wireless Endoscope features 3 meters in length and comes with 6 adjustable LEDs.
$50 AUD

5.5mm Endoscope Inspection Camera

$252 AUD

7M Wireless Endoscope

7 Meter WiFi endoscope compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Features a 600mAh battery - allowing you to use it anywhere and anytime
$56 AUD

Baofeng UV 5R Walkie Talkie

With the Baofeng UV-5R walkie talkie, you will never be lost or bored on a hiking trip. With the 5-10km range, a built-in FM radio and a LED torch so you will be set for any adventure.
$75 AUD

Dummy Security Camera w- Motion Detection

Dummy Security Camera - Simply install this dummy camera, and you will be able to keep intruders, thieves away from your home or business.
$27 AUD

Endoscope (5 Meter)

5m long waterproof endoscope with a 720p camera is the perfect electronic gadget for any toolkit out there.
$51 AUD

GP-Pointer Metal Detector

GP-Pointer Metal Detector features an IP66 design that allows you to use it in any weather condition. It has 380-degree detection area to find nearby treasures.
$80 AUD

GP-Pointer Metal Detector (Green)

Compact and waterproof metal detector features a 360-degree detection area thanks to which it will find any hidden object in your area.
$80 AUD

Hand Held Metal Detector

Hand held metal detector with ergonomic and light weight design will make it feel like its a part of yourself.
$41 AUD

Handheld Metal Detector

This handheld metal detector is highly sensitive to any type of metal. It meets EMC radiation standards for safe usage.
$63 AUD

Security Metal Detector

This Security Metal Detector features Audio and Vibration Warning as well as coming with a free Holster.
$46 AUD

T-388 Walkie Talkie

Two T-388 Walkie Talkies support 22 channels for the USA and 8 channels for Europe, with a range of up to 8KM is the easiest way to stay in contact when you dont have cell reception.
$46 AUD

Ultra Thin OTG Endoscope

Portable Smartphone Endoscope with 2 meter lead lets you capture 640x480 images directly on your Smartphone or tablet PC so you can see anywhere you want
$42 AUD

Xiaomi Bluetooth Walkie Talkie

$93 AUD