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150000 Record Attendance System

Fingerprint Time Attendance System is a clever biometric system to keep track of your employees, which also has a 2.8 Inch 320x240 Display plus a huge 150000 Record Capacity.
$101 AUD

ADEL Fingerprint Door Lock

ADEL Fingerprint Door Lock can store up to 99 unique fingerprints and opens by fingerprint, mechanical key, or pass code
$208 AUD

Color Screen Fingerprint Attendance System

Color Screen Fingerprint Time Attendance System that features a 2.8 inch display as well as being able to store over 80000 clocking in and out records for monitoring your employees.
$129 AUD

Danmini 720P Video Doorbell

720P Video Doorbell lets you monitor anyone coming to your home and keeps a log of all guests night or day regardless of if your in or out.
$93 AUD

Fingerprint Attendance System

Fingerprint Attendance System allows you to keep accurate track of the working hours of your employees and colleagues.
$113 AUD

Fingerprint Door Lock with Deadbolt - Aegis

This Premium Fingerprint Door Lock is a new ultimate solution in business and home security - Protecting your property with a biometric door lock and deadbolt
$216 AUD

Peephole Camera

This Peephole Camera can be easily installed into your door. With its 145-degree lens, it provides you with a clear overview of whos in front of your entrance.
$58 AUD

Self-Service Fingerprint Time Attendance

Self-Service Fingerprint Time Attendance allows you to keep track of who is here as it has a 4 Inch TFT Screen and a 1000 Fingerprint Capacity.
$112 AUD

Time Attendance Fingerprint System

This Time Attendance Fingerprint System allows you to keep accurate track of your employees attendance. It can store up to 1000 unique fingerprints.
$76 AUD

Time Attendance Fingerprint System

Time Attendance Fingerprint System that has a Color Screen at 2.8 Inch in size and also TCP/IP for strong connectivity to help you monitor your employees in cost-saving and efficient way.
$148 AUD

Video Doorbell

Easily check on whos in front of your door via your smartphone thanks to this video doorbell. Supports night vision and dual-way audio communication.
$117 AUD

Video Doorbell

$103 AUD

Video Doorbell

$103 AUD

Wi-Fi Door Intercom And Door Bell

Wi-Fi Intercom and Door Bell for a secure home and full access management to any property from your smartphone or tablet.
$129 AUD

WiFi Doorbell

Keep track of whos in front of your door with this smart WiFi doorbell. Supports dual way audio and remote video access through smartphone.
$116 AUD

Wireless Video Door Phone

Wireless Door Phone with 7 inch digital TFT monitor and night vision camera with 300 Meter range, intercom, picture and remote door control features
$206 AUD