RF Splitter Bias Coaxial Feed Bias Tee 10MHz-6GHz Low Insertion Loss Wideband Amplifier

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Working principle:
The wideband amplifier feed circuit, the high frequency is affected by the parasitic capacitance parameters, and the performance drops sharply, so the feed needs to use BiasTee.
BiasTee consists of ultra-wideband, near idealized, high frequency inductors and capacitors without resonance points.
DC blocking capacitor: DC blocking to prevent DC voltage leakage to subsequent circuits or test instruments.
High-frequency inductor: Isolation of AC information to prevent high-frequency signals from leaking into the power supply system.
Application range:
A) Broadband amplifier
Some broadband amplifiers do not have a DC blocking capacitor inside, and the output needs to be powered. A bias is required.
Some amplifiers have internal isolation capacitors that eliminate the need for an additional bias.
B) Optical fiber communication, laser drive
The driving current required by the laser diode is injected through the DC terminal of the bias;
Communication data is injected through the RF side.
C) Optical modulation drive
D) Application of other test and measurement aspects
Technical parameters:
1. Working frequency Freq: 10MHZ-6GHz
2. Insertion loss Insertion-loss: <1.2dB
3. Operating Voltage: DC1-50V
4. Maximum working current normal working current: <0.5A
Package includes:
1 x Wideband Amplifier

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