NEW WIDETECH WDH318EFW1 18L 240W Dehumidifier Machine Mijia APP Linkage Dehumidifier Dehumidification

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Description :

XIAOMI NEW WIDETECH WDH318EFW1 18L 240W Dehumidifier Machine Mijia APP Linkage Dehumidifier Multifunction Dehumidification Machine 

Strong Dehumidification - 18L:
Stable and efficient work efficiency, the dehumidifier machine can absorb up to 18L of water per day from the air, equivalent to 72 bottles of 250ml of mineral water

Rapid Dehumidification:
Fast and powerful dehumidification ability, can reduce the humidity of 18 ㎡ to a comfortable environment after one hour of starting

Constant Temperature Dehumidification:
The dehumidifier machine utilizes the principle of cold and heat balance, so that the dehumidified air will not be cold, so that the contrast before and after room temperature is kept at ±2 °C.
5 Modes & 3 Gear Speed:
Continuous dehumidification mode, dry clothes function, three comfortable humidity (40%, 50%, 60%), and 3 speeds can be selected to meet the needs of a variety of home environments.
Built-in Silver Ion Antibacterial Filter:
The built-in silver ion antibacterial filter utilizes the adsorption capacity of silver ion materials for bacteria and the characteristics of destroying the living environment of bacteria. When dehumidifying, the E. coli in the air is removed, and the air of the room of 25 m2 can be taken in 30 minutes

38dB (A) Bass Operation:
The DC motor is used to adjust the appropriate speed, combined with the vibration and noise reduction design of the compressor, which makes the noise as low as 38dB(A).

Intelligent Humidity Control:
Through the Mijia APP, you can realize remote design of multiple modes and control the humidity of your home at any time.
Energy Saving, Comfortable Dehumidification:
The dehumidifier machine reduces the humidity of 20m2 from RH90% to RH60% and only needs 0.45 kWh

Patented Heat Sink:
The patent-certified heat sink enables energy conversion to be more efficient, allowing water molecules in the air to quickly collect into water droplets as they pass through the evaporator containing the hydrophilic membrane, reducing energy loss and achieving power savings.
Specification :

BrandNEW WIDETECH ( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand )
APP FunctionMijia APP Linkage
Rated Dehumidification ( 30℃ RH80%)
18L / D
Nominal Dehumidification ( 20℃ RH60%)0.4kg / h
Humidity AdjustmentRH40%, RH50%, RH60%
Nosie38 db (A)
Water Tank Capacity2.7L
Timing24 Hours (Only APP)
Application Area5-40 ㎡
Material ABS Plastic
Color White
Weight 11300g
Size 334 x 220 x 470 mm

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1 x Dehumidifier Machine

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