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TT RUNNER 3 Cardio & Music BLK OR GRN

Built-in Heart Rate Monitor See your heart rate on your wrist with the built-in heart rate monitor. No chest strap needed. GPS Tracking Time. Distance. Speed. Pace. Routes. Live stats, on the go. Play over 500 songs from your watch Over 500 Songs of Music Storage (3GB) Multisport Modes Track all your sports. Run. Bike. Swim. Treadmill. Gym. Indoor cycling and more. Route Exploration Explore new routes and find your way back to the start. Long Battery Life Get up to 10 hours of battery lifetime when tracking yourself with GPS. 24/7 Activity Tracking Capture your heart rate, steps, active minutes, and calories burned throughout the day. Race Mode Select one of your past performances to race against. Interval Training Improve speed and fitness with custom work-rest sessions. Perfect Fit Select large or small watch straps to ensure the perfect fit for your wrist. Indoor Training Mode Track your performance on the treadmill or in the gym. Wireless Syncing Sync your watch wirelessly with your favourite running apps. Water Resistant to 40m Get wet. Dive into the pool and run in all weather conditions. Customisable Straps Switch watch straps to fit your kit or match your mood. Social sharing Celebrate your success with friends. Share your workouts online. QuickGPS Get started faster with quicker GPS reception. Ultra-Slim Design Notice your watch only when you want to. One-Button Control Navigate easily through menus with a single button. Goal Setting Set and track your progress on daily and weekly goals. Automatic Sleep Tracking Track your sleep patterns and know if you're getting the sleep you need. 5 Heart Rate Training Zones Training in 5 different heart rate zones helps to get results faster.
$349 AUD

1000 Lumen Bike Light

This IP65 waterproof 1000 lumen flashlight lights up all that lies ahead of you in a 250m range. It features a massive 18650mAh battery for hours of light.
$49 AUD

1080p GSM Hunting Camera w- PIR - Wildview

The Wildview 1080p Hunting Game Camera is perfect to observe wild animals from a distance. Featuring PIR Motion detection, a powerful nightvision function and more!
$138 AUD

1080p Trail Camera

1080p Trail Camera comes with an IP66 waterproof design that can be used in any environment. Supports 20m night vision and PIR motion detection.
$154 AUD

1080p Trail Camera

1080p Trail Camera allows you to catch stunning footage and images of wildlife without disturbing them. Perfect to map out game for the upcoming hunting season.
$110 AUD

126 Watt CREE LED Spotlight

This 126 Watt CREE LED Spotlight emits up to 11000 lumens of light, allowing you to light up a sufficient area with just one lamp.
$107 AUD

12MP VENLIFE Trail Camera

VENLIFE trail camera with 12MP sensor records in full HD and has 20-meter night vision. It has 5 recording modes and can last up to 8 months in standby.
$114 AUD

135 Watt UFO LED Grow Light - Mary Jane

The UFO Hydroponic LED Light Mary Jane packs 45 LEDs for a total power of 135 Watt and is perfect for growing your plants indoor, achieving bigger crops and higher yields.
$167 AUD

15 Watt LED Grow Light

15 Watt LED Grow Light produces up to 810 lumens with its 57 high-end LEDs that include 53 red, 18 blue, 2 UV, and 2 IR lights.
$58 AUD

18W LED Grow Light

18W LED Grow Light with 36 blue and red LED lights is the easy way to promote your plants growth and encourage blossoming.
$53 AUD

20W LED Grow Light

20 Watt Grow Light has 75 LEDs with wavelengths from 390nm to 730nm this Full spectrum LED grow lamp is for plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit and more
$55 AUD

27W CREE LED Work Light

This highly versitile, multifunction CREE LED light can work with cars, trucks, SUVs, jeeps, ATVs, trailers and more, plus it packs 9 3W lights inside for a total of 27W of luminosity and 1440lm.
$45 AUD

3 CREE XM-L T6 LED Head Lamp

This 3800 Lumens 3 CREE XM-L T6 LED Headlamp is the perfect companion on a dark night to shine a brilliant bright light wherever you look
$44 AUD

300W LED Grow Light

This 300W LED grow light comes with a total of 60 powerful LEDs that feature different types of light to stimulate the growth of your plants.
$138 AUD

300Watt LED Grow Light

$94 AUD

360 Lumen LED Camp Light

Superb 360 Lumen 60 LED Solar powered lamp for outdoor lighting with a rechargeable 1200mAh battery can run for up to 8 hours and will last you years
$35 AUD

45Watt LED Grow Light

This 45Watt LED Grow Light comes with a total of 225 Blue and Red LED lights to stimulate the growth, flowering, and yield of your plants.
$72 AUD

5 Watt LED Headlamp

This 160 Lumen LED Headlamp with 5Watt white LED and two red LEDs has a rechargeable 1200mAh battery and fantastic hands-free operation function.
$33 AUD

50Watt LED Grow Light

50Watt LED Grow Light comes with a combination of 174 red, 68 blue, 4 UV, and 4 IR LED lights that help to stimulate your flowers growth, yield, and blooming.
$72 AUD

5MP Game Camera - Trailview

The Trailview game camera is your eyes in the woods! Set it up to record full HD videos or snap high res pictures of wildlife animals and send directly to your phone!
$173 AUD