Lerdge White 1.75mm Filament Material Run Out Detection Module Sensor For 3D Printer Parts

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- Product name: Filament Detection Module
- Material: Plastic
- Color: White
- Applicable filament diameter: 1.75mm
- Total Size: (L×W×H) 37.6×30.2×13mm(Approx.)
- Cable Length: 1m (Approx.)
1. Suitable for testing 1.75mm filament
2. Added a wear-resistant copper sleeve, can effectively extend product life
Package Included:
1x 1.75mm Filament Detection Module
1x Connetion Cable

Used with Lerdge board:

When there is filament in, the green light in the module keeps lighting. And when the filament is exhausted, the green light goes off, then the motherboard executes the pause command operation, after the replacement of the filament can continue to print.
Wiring: Connect the module to the M-sensor port on the motherboard.

Used with other motherboards:

The filament detection module uses the level transition detection method. When with filament in, the detection level signal should be high, and when no filament, the filament port level signal goes low. When the system detects a determined transition from high to low level, it will regard it as the filament exhausted, then the board executes the pause command operation, and after the replacement of the filament, it will continue to print.


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