LED Projectors

The shift of all things light towards LED has seen vast improvements in efficiency, output and overall cost. LED Projectors are no different. LED powered projectors are lighter, brighter, smaller and more compact, cooler and now boast visual clarity and definition that dominates its predecessors. Older projectors were large, heavy, bulky and required cooling fans to cool down the light bulb. In addition, the hassle of having to change the internal light bulb due to its short lifespan, was very frustrating. No one wants to pay someone to change the bulb and the average joe citizen would not be happy taking apart a projector to change the bulb. LED projectors with their 50,000 hours+ lifespan really do outshine any of its former projectors. 

HD LED projectors will deliver you a great result when it comes to watching movies or playing games. Vibrant colours and sharp images are what you can expect from projectors in this category. These HD projectors are known for their theatre style image quality and will please serious gamers and home cinema enthusiasts alike. 

We also stock cheaper LED projectors for small business, homes or schools where the image quality required is suited to presentations. These units are compact and portable making them easy to carry around on the go. If you need to make presentations at multiple sites, you no longer need to haul a large bulky heavy projector as the smaller units are just as powerful and yet almost fit in your pocket. These also provide a great entertainment value in the home, i.e. kids entertainment, watching movies, bed time stories and more. 

So instead of buying a large television which takes up room and becomes obsolete in 2 years, why not choose a high spec High Definition LED Projector and have the ability to vary the size of your ouput image and enjoy crystal clear imagery and when you are done, simply pack it away. You can span an entire wall and forget about your 65inch televison. With such great potential comes great functionality which is why some of these projectors come with USB ports, HDMI slots, smart phone integration, speakers, WiFi connections and more. Live streaming of videos, browsing the internet are now standard features of most LED Projectors thanks to the Android operating system installed on these projectors. You can even cast the images on your tablet or smartphone directly through the projector with no wires for the ultimate in comfort and style. 

So whether you are after a high spec HD LED Projector or a low cost cheap projector, Myozgadgets has a range to suit your budget and your needs.