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4 In 1 Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

4 In 1 Smartphone Camera Lens Kit for Android and iOS phones
$39 AUD

Anet A8 M DIY 3D Printer Kit

Anet A8-M DIY 3D Printer Kit has two extrusion nozzles and can be used with a range of filaments so the only limit to your creations is your imagination
$451 AUD

Anet E12 3D Printer Kit

The Anet E12 is a cheap 3D printer kit that features a large 300x300x400mm printing volume. This DIY 3D printer lets you create anything you can imagine.
$646 AUD

APEXEL 3 in 1 Smartphone Lens Kit

APEXEL 3 in 1 Smartphone Lens Kit for your smartphone photography needs
$42 AUD

Apple Watch Wireless Charger

$52 AUD

Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity

$39 AUD

Cube Mini Camera Drone

Cube Mini Camera Drone lets you capture 720P video and photos and brings a sense of flying with its FPV via Android or iOS smartphone sync
$86 AUD

Decompression Boxing Ball

Decompression Boxing Ball lets you train hand and eye coordination, agility, and speed while proving an intense workout that helps remove stress and tension.
$44 AUD

Delta Kossel DIY 3D Printer

Delta Kossel DIY 3D Printer from FLSUN has a large printing area, durable build and LCD Display for easy print monitoring and control
$357 AUD

DIY 3D Printer Kit Creality CR-10S

The Creality 3D CR-10S DIY 3D Printer Kit is quick and easy to assemble with a 300x300x400mm building volume the only limits to your creativity is your imagination.
$917 AUD

DJI Mavic Air Camera Drone

$1,188 AUD

DJI Mavic Air Camera Drone Black

$1,188 AUD

DJI Mavic Air Camera Drone Combo Pack

DJI Mavic Air Camera Drone Combo Pack
$1,508 AUD

DJI Mavic Air Camera Drone Red

$1,188 AUD

DJI Mavic Air Combo Pack (Red)

$1,578 AUD

DJI Mavic Air Drone Combo Pack White

$1,508 AUD

DJI Phantom P3 Drone

DJI Phantom P3 Drone is equipped with a stunning 2K camera and comes with an abundance of in-flight features making it a high-end video drone.
$856 AUD

Ear Cleaning Scoop

This Ear Cleaning Scoop comes with a built-in micro HD camera and 6 LED lights with adjustable brightness. Multifunctional health gadget for nose, mouth, ears
$57 AUD

FLSUN C DIY 3D Printer Kit

$370 AUD

FLSUN-S 3D Printer

FLSUN-S 3D Printer uses DLP technology and liquid resin to quickly curate you designs into detailed finished products that are sure to impress
$863 AUD

Foldable Camera Drone

This cheap drone features 3 different flight speeds and a number of different flight modes for you to enjoy. Comes with foldable wings and intergraded camera.
$80 AUD

Geeetech E180 Mini 3D Printer

Geeetech E180 Mini 3D Printer comes all ready to go directly from the box and offers a 130mm cubed printing volume and unique full-color touchscreen interface
$555 AUD

iDrone i5 Camera Drone

The iDrone i5 camera drone comes packed full of features including altitude hold, headless mode, waypoints follow, FPV app, camera, and 6 Axis Gyro.
$80 AUD

JY018 Folding Drone (Red)

JY018 Folding Drone is an extremely compact and lightweight quad-copter that comes with an integrated camera and 100m control distance.
$80 AUD

JYO18 Drone

The JYO18 pocket drone with built-in camera will become an extension of your arm and deliver stunning selfies and videos.
$74 AUD

Mini Camera Drone K101

The KY101 camera drone brings FPV views when used with your smartphone running the FYD-FPV App, Its also easy to fly with headless mode and other features
$74 AUD

Mini Folding Camera Drone

Folding Mini Camera Drone I9HW is small compact and easy to transport so you can take it anywhere and enjoy 720P video and photos wherever you fly
$93 AUD

MJK B3 Bugs 3 Quad-Copter

The MJK B3 Bugs 3 Quad-Copter is an advanced drone with a 500m control distance and stunning 20 minutes flight time.
$162 AUD

MJX Bugs 3 Drone

MJX Bugs 3 Drone is part racer part camera drone so you can enjoy aerial stunts and thrills while filming great footage
$136 AUD

SYMA FPV Real-Time X8HG Drone

The SYMA FPV Real-Time X8HG Drone is easy to operate and comes with many advanced features, making it the perfect drone for beginners and pro drone pilots alike.
$220 AUD


The TIANQU VISUO XS809S Drone is an affordable Quad-Copter that come with a built-in HD camera and APP support.
$103 AUD

TKKJ L602 Drone

TKKJ L602 Drone is a truly mini camera drone that can sit in the palm of your hand and brings FPV to your smartphone as you fly.
$84 AUD

TKKJ L603 Folding Drone

The TKKJ L603 Folding Drone is small and lightweight making it easy to take anywhere, it has an FPV camera, as well as optical flow & altitude hold for stable shots
$103 AUD

Xiaomi Gel Pen

This gel ink pen from Xiaomi features a simple no-nonsense design. It has a 0.5mm writing thickness and comes with black ink.
$24 AUD

Xiaomi Wiha 26-in-1 Screwdriver

The Xiaomi Wiha 26-in-1 Screwdriver comes with a total of 13 dual-headed screw bits that treat you to 26 unique features to fix anything you can imagine.
$92 AUD

XiaomiMitu Building Blocks Truck

The XiaomiMitu Building Blocks Truck is a great mechanical toy that helps your child to develop his creativity, patience, and imagination.
$80 AUD

XS809W Foldable Drone

XS809W Foldable Drone comes packed with a 2MP Camera. It features 100m flight distance, different flight speeds, and headless flying mode.
$94 AUD

Zhiyun Crane 2 Camera Stabilizer

Get this fantastic Gimbal for your DSLR camera that features a long-lasting battery, 360-degree rotation, excellent follow focus and constant rotation along the tilt.
$1,033 AUD

0.05 to 60 Laser Measuring Tool

This Hand-held laser distance meter Measuring with 0.05 to 60m range for Distance, Area, Volumetric Data, has a recall function, Spirit Level and Outdoor target reflection board.
$73 AUD

1080p Handheld Camera Kit

This 1080p Handheld Camera comes with a teleconverter, wide-angle lens, and external mic. It shoots Full-HD footage and stunning 24MP pictures.
$299 AUD