GY-39 Serial MAX44009 Light Intensity BME280 Temperature And Humidity Atmospheric Pressure Sensor

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GY-39 light intensity temperature and humidity atmospheric pressure sensor module, direct serial port output
1, can be used as a simple MAX44009 or BME280 module, chip I2C communication
2, you can read all kinds of data on the module MCU, MCU calculation of the unified direct output of the calculation
of the practical data, support for serial /i2c
3, you can connect the Android mobile phone or UTB to TTL module connected to the computer via Bluetooth module,
Data analysis of computer software
Name: 4 in 1 weather station module(light intensity + temperature and humidity + atmospheric pressure module)
Model: GY-39
Using chip: MAX44009+BME280+MCU
Power supply: 3-5v
Module size: 24.3*26.7mm
Communication mode:MCU_IIC/MCU_Serial / sensor chip IIC bus


GY-39 is a low cost, air pressure, temperature and humidity, light intensity sensor module. The working voltage is 3-5V. The power consumption is small, and the installation is convenient. The working principle is that the MCU collects various sensor data, performs unified processing, and directly outputs the calculated result. This module has two ways to read data, namely serial UART (TTL level) or IIC (2 line). The baud rate of the serial port is 9600bps and 115200bps, configurable, continuous, and two output modes are requested, and the settings can be saved after power down. It can adapt to different working environments, and connect with single-chip computer and computer. The module can also set a separate sensor chip operating mode. As a separate sensor module, the MCU does not participate in data processing. Provide arduino, 51, stm32 MCU communication program, does not provide schematic and internal MCU source code. This GY39 module also gives Android mobile phone software app to view data, and supports wifi LAN connection, mobile phone and computer display data at the same time.


1. High cost performance
2. Built-in MCU to calculate sensor data
3. IIC, serial communication format
4. Unified data output
5. With the corresponding PC software


1. Digital lighting management
2. Internet of Things, smart home applications
3. Weather station monitoring
4. Digital lighting design
5. Digital barometer, altimeter
6. Thermometer
7. Greenhouse climate monitoring

Temperature measurement range-40°-85°
Humidity measurement range0%-100%
Light intensity measurement range0.045lux-188000lux
Air pressure measurement range300-1100hpa
Response frequency10HZ
Working voltage3-5V
Working current5mA
Working temperature-40°-85°
Storage temperature-40°-125°
Size24.3 x 26.7mm
Sensor chipME280+MAX44009
PIN DescriptionParameter
Pin1VCCPower+ (3-5V)
Pin2CTSerial port UART_TX/IIC_SCL
Pin3DRSerial port UART_RX/IIC_SDA
Pin4GNDPower ground
Pin5NCReserved, don't connect
Pin6INTMax44009 light intensity chip interrupt S0-1 (enabled when connected to GND)
Pin7SDAChip data bus S0-1 (enabled when connected to GND)
Pin8SCLChip clock bus S0-1 (enabled when connected to GND)
PinAS0Serial/MCU_IIC mode selection
PinBS1Use only sensor chip selection

(1) PinA (S0) hardware selects the working mode, Pin2 (CT) and Pin3 (DR) is the GY-39 module communication interface

S0=1 (default)Serial UART mode, Pin2 is TX, Pin3 is RX, TTL level
S0=0 (when connected to GND)MCU_IIC mode, Pin2 is SCL, Pin3 is SDA

(2) PinB (S1) uses only the sensor chip ME280+MAX44009 mode to select whether the MCU participates in data processing

S1=1 (default)MCU+ chip mode, Pin7, Pin8, please do not have any connection
S1=0 (when connected to GND)Chip mode only, Pin7 is the chip SCL bus, Pin8 is the chip SDA bus

Package Included:

1 x GY-39 humidity atmospheric pressure sensor module

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