Geekcreit DIY C51 DS3231 Gravity Sensor LED Digital Phantom Desktop Clock Kit

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Of course, to do a fun clock should certainly should not only time, but also other temperature, day, date, or even an important festival! Lunar New Year holiday! Chinese New Year! Mid-Autumn Festival! Christmas! Valentine's Day! 
1. gravity sensor, can normally display time after rotating
2. Use the DS3231 temperature-compensated precision clock chip, access to back-up battery power, still can operate
3. The date and time the alarm a week does not fall.
4. A variety of display fonts can be selected
5. A variety of display can be selected
6. the colon operation to switch (4 modes)
7. temperature display
8. mirror black crystal acrylic shell
9. The whole point timekeeping, and the Half time timekeeping (7:00 to 23:00)


1. Press set button to enter select Settings menu, by +, - keys to select the function.
2. After selecting the function, press set button to confirm to enter, after entering also through +, - key to select the change. Press the button again to confirm the set will switch back to the normal display.
3. The menu has TIME (Set Time), DATE (Setting the date), ALAR (set the alarm), FONT (set the font), DISP (display settings), MIDP (intermediate second point action).

Maunal !!!

Package included:

1 x DIY DS3231 Gravity Sensor LED Digital Phantom Clock Kit
Not included the battery 

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