DC12V 2 Channel Bluetooth Relay IOT Smart Home APP Remote Control Switch

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1. On-board loaded 8bit high performance MCU and spp-c bluetooth 2.1 slave module
2. provide bluetooth relay control app
3. Distance control: 10M (without obstacle )
4. Working voltage: DC12V
5. On board 2 way 12V, 10A/250V AC 10A/30V DC relay, can be used continuously for 100 thousand times, with diode discharge protection within short time.
6. With bluetooth status indicator and relay indicator.
7. Reserved UART debugging interface and MCU program download port.
8. Board size: 40*64.5mm
Interface introduction:

IN+, IN-: 12V voltage input
TX, RX: UART serial port PIN
5V, GND, SWIM, NRST: program download port
LED D2/D4(red): working indicator, turn on when relay is on.
LED D1(blue): Bluetooth status indicator, exact function as follows:
(1)Slow flash means waiting for a connection to the phone.
(2)When it is always bright, it connects phone already
Two reserved jumper cap: normal use,insert to the right side (that is ,RX connects with RX1, TX connects with TX1).Independently use,turn USB to TTL serial module ,debug SPP - C module,plug into the left side  (To avoid interference)
COM1:common terminal
NC1:Normal close
NO1:Normal open
COM2:common terminal
NC2:Normal close
NO2:Normal open
Relay control command (hex form)
Turn on first relay: A0 01 01 A2
Turn off first relay: A0 01 00 A1
Turn on second relay: A0 02 01 A3
Turn off second  relay: A0 02 00 A2
1.power supply connection: IN+ to positive ,IN- to negative of 12 V power supply controls 2 way relay
2 app is optional : one is developed by LC company ,another is general APP downloaded from the android APP store
2.1Instruction for LC app 
2.1.1 Install android mobile terminal "LCBS test procedure" APP, bluetooth serial transmission tool, open the APP, click "search" bluetooth, mobile phones connected to the bluetooth module, input password and click confirm, after the connection is successful, blue light turns slow flash into always on, and then click on the square to control relay switch
Package included:
1 x DC12V 2 Channel Bluetooth Relay

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