DC-DC 24V12V to 5V 6A Step Down Power Supply 4USB Mobile Phone Charger Module Support Fast Charge

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Input voltage: DC 9V-32V
Output voltage: 5.1V
Output current: 3A*2. Two circuits, each with 2 USB, each channel supports a maximum of 3A; the total maximum current of the module can reach 6A.
Bare board size: 55 x 45 x 20mm (length x width x height)
Bare board net weight: about 28g
Fixed hole spacing: 47*38mm
Input wiring method: 5.5*2.1 female seat, inside positive and outside negative. It can be equipped with a male head of 5.5*2.1cm. Compatible with 5.5*2.5cm, but it is tight. Note that the input does not have reverse connection protection, and the positive and negative poles cannot be reversed.
Main Protection Features:
No-load current: <2mA
Output overcurrent protection: more than 3.5A protection
Input overvoltage protection: does not start above 32V, ultimate withstand voltage 45V
Input undervoltage protection: about 8V
Output short circuit protection: short circuit off output
Output overvoltage protection: if the chip is out of control, the output voltage is too high, it will be limited to 6V)
Input reverse connection protection
Input 5A fuse
Support mobile phone charging protocol:
Divider1/Divider2/Divider3 charging protocol (for Apple)
D+/D– set 1.2V mode (for Samsung)
BC1.2 DCP and CTIS YD/T 1591-2009 charging agreement
Special reminder: QC Qualcomm fast charge is not supported, VOOC fast charge of OPPO/VIVO is not supported, and SCP/FCP Huawei fast charge is not supported.
The introduce of the charging identification IC used in this module:
This module uses 1 FM5888 dual-channel identification IC, which is a USB charging protocol port control IC, which can automatically identify the type of charging device and shake hands with the device through the corresponding USB charging protocol to obtain the maximum charging current. Save on charging time.
The output current is determined by the load (cell phone and other powered devices). It is generally adaptive, to reach the maximum current, the mobile phone or the appliance itself needs to be supported. At present, there are a variety of fast charging protocols on the market, which require the support of your mobile phone itself. If you don't support it, you can use it for normal charging. About 0.5A or so.
The Charging identification IC is compatible with Apple's full range of products to ensure maximum charging speed. This product does not support Qualcomm QC protocol. If your mobile phone uses QC protocol, this product can't reach the fastest charging speed, but it can also be compatible with charging.
Note:We will try to maintain the consistency of product performance and appearance. Due to some parts supply problems, each batch may be slightly different, but the parameters are guaranteed to be consistent, and many understandings are expected.
Package includes:
1 x Step Down Power Supply Module

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