5pcs DC 9V To 24V Touch Switch Capacitive Touch Sensor Module LED Dimming Control Module

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Input voltage: DC 9V-24V
Output voltage: DC 9V-24V
Load power: 30W
Load current: 3A
Standby current: 10mA
Standby power consumption: 0.1W
Working environment temperature: -20°C-65°C
Model: Touch_S (L40W10)
Size: 40*10*1.2mm (length*width*height)
(The test condition: Vin=12V)
Mode description:
Touch_Sensor_S00 (normal switch):
S00 mode, quick touch to switch the lighting on / off status, without dimming function, the effect is gradual.
Touch_Sensor_S01 (unidirectional dimming):
In the S01 mode, the quick touch switches the on / off status of the light; in the open state, the long touch enters the unidirectional dimming (holds the touch, automatically stops the dimming when the dimming is at the highest or lowest brightness), and unlocks the brightness. The switch brightness is the last locked brightness. In the off state, a long touch will dim the lighter direction from the last brightness. Gradient effect.
Touch_Sensor_S02 (circular dimming):
S02 mode, rapid touch toggle on/off status of the lamp; in the case of on, long touch into the cycle dimming (keeping touching, dimming to the highest or lowest brightness, automatically dimming in the opposite direction, so cycle), let go Lock the brightness, and switch the brightness again to the last locked brightness. In the off state, a long touch will dim the lighter direction from the previous brightness and the effect will be gradual.
Touch_Sensor_S03 (3 segments dimming):
S03 mode, quickly touch the light state of the switch. The brightness is divided into three levels, which are 30%, 60%, and 100% respectively, and the switching effect is gradual.
1. This module is suitable for hard bar lamps with width ≥ 10mm or other lamps;
2. The module has good anti-jamming and self-adaption capabilities and is widely applicable to civil hard-stick lamps and other controls;
3. This version of the indicator remains steady.
1. Installation and use requires that you first install and then power on. If you install it after the power is on, it may change the environmental parameters, which may affect the sensitivity;
2. When installing with a touch spring, avoid contact with complex contacts where the electromagnetic signal changes, and avoid using it in a heavy vapor environment to prevent possible malfunctions.
3. Please be aware of the product operating parameters before use. Do not use this module outside the parameters.
Package included:
5 X Capacitive touch sensor module

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