3pcs Signal Generator PWM Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Module With LCD Display 1Hz-150Khz 3.3V-30V

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- Support Serial operation
- Wide frequency range,high precision
- LCD can display frequency and duty datio,Easy to oprate
- Output of three-channel PWM at the same time
- Adjustable Frequency,3-channel frequency output consistent,duty ratio can be independently adjusted,suitable for most occasions
1.Operating voltage3.3~30V;
2. Frequency range1Hz~150KHz;
3. Frequency accuracy:In each range of accuracy is about 2%
4. Signal load capacity:Output current can be around 5~30ma
5. Output amplitude: PWM amplitude and supply voltage equal 
6. Ambient temperature:-20~+70°
7. Size:5.5x3.8cm/2.17x1.50inch
1. Module has 8 independent keys,used to set the frequency and duty ratio,support short press (increase or decrease a unit) and long press (fast increase or decrease),very simple,set the parameters automatically save,power loss.
2. 3-Way duty ratio button can be pressed at the same time,real-time adjustment, liquid crystal display is the last pressed button duty ratio,real-time is very strong,can be used as a simple several road duty ratio scan.
Parameter Settings:
Three-channel PWM  is outputted,wide frequency range and the duty ratio can be adjusted independently
Frequency is divided into four areas,automatic switching:
1.XXX(No decimal point): 1HZ Stepping Unit,Range:1Hz~999Hz;
2.X.XX(The decimal is in the hundreds place):0.01KHZ Stepping Unit,Range: 1.00Khz~9.99Khz;
3.X.XX(The decimal is in the tens place):0.1KHZ Stepping Unit,Range: 10.0Khz~99.9Khz;
4.X.X.X(The decimal is in the ones place):1KHZ Stepping Unit,Range: 1Khz~150Khz;
e.g. ,frequency display:100 represent the pulse of 100Hz ;
1.01 represent the pulse of 1.01KHz; 
54.1 represent the pulse of 54.1KHz
1.2.4 represent the pulse of 124Hz
The value range of dutyfactor: 0~100%,100% is represented by A0%.
All parameters setted up can be automatically saved in case of power cut.
1.Used as square wave signal generator to generate square wave signal for experiment development and use
2.Used to generate a square wave signal to control the motor driver;
3.Generating adjustable pulses for MCU use;
4.Generate adjustable pulse, control related circuit (PWM dimming speed and other applications).
UART Serial Command:
Baud rate:9600 bps Data length:8
Stop bits:1
Check digit:none
Flow control:none
1.set the frequency of the PWM 
“F101”: Set frequency of 101 HZ (001~999)
“F1.05”: Set frequency of 1.05 KHZ(1.00~9.99)
“F10.5”: Set frequency of 10.5KHZ(10.0~99.9)
“F1.0.5”:Set frequency of 105KHZ(1.0.0~1.5.0)
2.set the duty ratio of PWM
"DX:YYY": Set PWM duty ratio x: (1~3) PWM serial number,YYY: (000~100) duty ratio;
For example d1:050,set 1th PWM duty ratio to 50%
3.Read Setup parameters
Send a "read" string to read the parameters of the setting.
Message format:F156,D1:052,D2:059,D3:058,
Set successful return:DOWN
Set failed to return:FALL
Package Includes:
3 x Signal Generator With LCD Display

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