3pcs Geekcreit DC-DC 8A DC5-30V 150KHz Automatic Step Up Step Down Adjustable Power Module

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Module parameters:

Input voltage: DC5-30V
Input current: 8A (MAX)  peak 10A (6A work a long time)
Quiescent current: 4mA (operating voltage is not the same there will be errors)
Output voltage: 1.25-30V continuously adjustable
Output Current: 10A (MAX) (5A long natural heat inside)
Output current range: 0.2-10A
Working temperature: -40 to + 85 degrees
Operating frequency: 150KHz
Conversion efficiency: Typical 91% (12V turn 12V5A) maximum 93%
Overcurrent protection: there
Short circuit protection: (limiting protection)
Overtemperature protection: (automatically reduce the output voltage after overtemperature)
Input reverse polarity protection: None, (if necessary, please enter the string into the diode)
Output anti-anti-irrigation: Yes, no need for charging plus blocking diode.
Connection: Terminal output, (IN is the input, OUT output)

Output current adjustment method:
1. CV potentiometer adjustment, depending on your load requirements, the output voltage is set to the voltage value you need.
2. CC potentiometer counterclockwise located about 30 laps, (ie, the output current is set to a minimum), connected to the LED, potentiometer CC tune to the desired current. After charging for battery, the battery fully discharged, and then to output, adjust to your desired current CC, (be sure to use for charging batteries completely discharged before being allowed to transfer, because the battery power is left in the more, the charging current is smaller.) Please do not use the short-circuit current way of transfer, the circuit structure of the module can not short-circuit the way transfer

Package included:

3 x Automatic Step Up Step Down Adjustable Power Module

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