3.5 mm Magnetic Replacements Thumbsticks Tools for Xbox One Elite for PS4 Controller

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Easy to replace. Switch out the heads of the thumb sticks without having to take the controller back apart. Very sturdy and will not fall off unless you put some pressure to pull them out.
Great grip.Concave in the middle and ridged outer rim help you keep your thumbs on the thumb sticks while playing games.
Bright colors, make your controller look well.
Good contact surface. Give more accuracy, speed. Excellent for snap aiming, and quick reactions. Reduces hand and thumb fatigue. Better control.
Replace the old or broken controller replacements.
Convex grips Size: about diameter 1.7cm(0.66 inches), Height 1.5cm(0.59 inches)
Concave grips Size: about diameter 1.7cm(0.66 inches), Height 1cm(0.39 inches)/1.7cm(0.66 inches)
Metal Bottom-thumbsticks Size: about diameter 2.4cm(0.94 inches), Height 1.2cm(0.47 inches)
Screwdrivers Size: about total length 8.5cm(3.34 inches), Handle 5.3cm(2.08 inches), Stainless steel section 3.2cm(1.26 inches)
For Xbox One original controller without 3.5mm jack
For Xbox One original controller with 3.5mm jack
For Xbox One Elite controller
For PS4 controller.
They were a little bit higher than the original sticks, and you would find them more precision.
Package Included:
2 x Convex Silicone Sweat Free Grips
4 x Concave Silicone Sweat Free Grips
2 x Metal Bottom-thumbsticks
2 x Screwdrivers

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